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Do you want an individual E-mail from Santa?
Select this one if your e-mail is going to just one person for an individual special surprise!


Click Here for a letter to a single recipient

Have more then one penguin in your igloo?
You can send a single, personalized with everyone's name, e-mail addressed to all of the children in one household.   Make this a new tradition in your family.


Click Here for a letter to multiple recipients



adult-penguin.jpg Do you know someone that is just a KID at heart?
You can send a personalized e-mail from Santa to a friend or loved one with your own message added to it.  Whether you would like to send to someone in the next cubicle or the next hemispere, a personalized e-mail from Santa is sure to bring a smile to their face this Christmas Season!


Click Here for a customized letter to the BIG KID in your life.



 (*You have the option of Santa images in the e-mail to be Caucasian or African-American)

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